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I immediately turn away from him. 
"Why are you so mean? Who hurt you so bad?"

"Me? Mean? I'm an angel so I don't know what you are talking about."

"Angels don't live in hell."

"And you think I'm going to hell?"

"You are Lucifer so you have your answer."

He laughs yet again. 
"You gave me a nickname? How cheesy of you."

"It's not a nickname."

"That's what it sounds like to me." He winks at me when i turn to look at him. "I like it. Lucifer definitely suits me."


Kylie is a senior in college. She has a not so good relationship with men since one of them messed her up in high school. She's literally scared of them. Her self esteem is almost non existent and she has severe anxiety most of the time. 

Dylan is cocky and mysterious. He is keeping a whole lot of secrets and no one is able to figure him out. His past times includes teasing the hell out of Kylie... And protecting her.

Chase is a badass gang leader. He likes Kylie and she thinks that she likes him back until shit hits the fan. 

Myles is shady and undefined. He is mostly sweet and kind but is that all, or does he have a nasty side?

Alexander is Kylie's best friend and roommate. He is protective and caring but one thing Kylie doesn't know, he is crazy about her. 

Then there's the guy she meets on perfect match. He is obsessed with cars and well...he is the car guy to Kylie. Perfect match is a dating site and Kylie surfs the web hoping to get her perfect match there. 

So what happens when the naive college girl finds herself surrounded by men? 

Cover by @SiobhanJk