Dangerous Mr.Alpha

Dangerous Mr.Alpha

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A Name By AriseToLove Updated Apr 25, 2015

"You can never leave me." He said huskily I snorted "You are MINE and mine only so don't try to escape because when I find you and make sure you can't." He said kissing my neck I shivered under his intense touch he smirked at my reaction "I'm nobody's." I muttered he chuckled darkly pushing his body into me even more "You don't believe that yourself do you?" He stated sucking on my soft spot making me moan "I will leave and theirs nothing you can do."

Erica had been alone since she was 15 not by choice though she was tooken from her pack by hunters and beaten for what she is. 2 years later she escapes and everything about her has changes, she is very fragile but also rebilous and takes no orders from anyone she even adopted a girl named Violet. The only reason why she doesn't go home is because she doesn't remember much do to the amnesia the only thing she remembers is all the bad stuff that happens.

What happens when she stumbles onto the most feared and strongest Alpha in the world! The Black moon black runned by Cole Anderson is a cold hearted Alpha any rogue who comes into his territory gets killed right on the sight so what happend when he finds Erica is his mate the only problem is that she doesn't want a mate she doesn't want someone whose cruel and cold hearted. What adventures will she have?

-bobohu -bobohu May 22, 2017
Lowkey I don't find it funny she's gonna end up getting him killed..
lexi_the_book_worm lexi_the_book_worm Aug 20, 2017
She is literally digging his grave and carving his tombstone...
Sofiaxkay Sofiaxkay May 06
I’ve never read a more relatable character on Wattpad before
You need commas so it's like "my name is Cole, baby" that's the right way
I can't laugh but I want to and I love her but I can't laugh because I'm sick
XxThat_Hot_NerdxX XxThat_Hot_NerdxX Mar 12, 2017
I was drinking a cup of tea and when I read that I just started to choke😂