Irish Kisses - a Ziall *ON HOLD*

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1DLove12 By 1DLove12 Updated 3 years ago
Zayn and Niall has always been best lads for the longest time. But now that Zayn got a girlfriend, Niall gets jealous and develops a crush on him, willing to change his sexuality no matter what it takes him to have Zayn back all to himself.
aww, i just wanna cry. :'( poor nialler, i feel so bad for him, he was just trying to keep his bestfriend.... update soon? :3 x
Wow.nice:)i love it.uve got me itchin for more.Upload more.;)
Liking it so far. I'm feeling bad for Niall tho :( Update soon!!
Oh My Goshness, Striped Carrots and Nandos! I love it! Please please please update?
                                    Ziall Forever!!!!