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Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

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thisisjusttheeasyway By thisisjusttheeasyway Completed

A short story I wrote for English Class.
A young boy takes a walk down a familiar trail in the woods, only to find terror in the night.

----S---- ----S---- Dec 10, 2011
Oh my goodness! This is really good! Kind of gave me the shivers...whew...:) Nice description too SkyNight:)
thisisjusttheeasyway thisisjusttheeasyway Apr 07, 2011
@Harukishi-Azami i'm also thirteen; and the ending implied that he was shot ^^ because the shot would be the loud noise that disturbed the woods.
Harukishi-Azami Harukishi-Azami Apr 01, 2011
So great, but I'm only 13 so I didn't get the end? Can you tell me what happened?
Joyce247 Joyce247 Mar 17, 2011
@SkyNight owh now i know, thnx for telling me! It was a true puzzle, nice plotting actually, you can make a book out of this, no kidding :)
thisisjusttheeasyway thisisjusttheeasyway Mar 17, 2011
@Joyce247 the seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours was what he felt like was happening, time felt really slow for him at that point because he dreaded turning aroujnd
Joyce247 Joyce247 Mar 17, 2011
lol, wow this is awesomely well written! The suspense is really driving me over the edge! XD But I'm curious, u wrote:" seconds, to minutes, then became hours," I thought u say going back home only cost half an hour? hehe, maybe i was confused, anyways, thumbs up missy!!