Silken Shackles (Yandere Serial Killer X Reader)

Silken Shackles (Yandere Serial Killer X Reader)

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You are a freak. Plain and simple.

You live in Ashmer City. And recently certain events have been taking place in your city. Murders.

Your peers have been being found dead around town, and there's one man to blame. Aristotle Abbot.

And you are his next target.

After a day within his grasp, both you and him realize that you have more in common than originally thought.

Can you find love with the man who wants to kill you?
Can you find a place in the world that doesn't want you?
Can you save both Aristotle and yourself from a society that's destined to tear you apart?

Can you choose justice over love?

WARNINGS: there will be triggering events, such as anxiety attacks, suicide attempts, a graphic murder scenes. If you can not handle any of this, DO NOT READ THIS STORY!!!

Started January 30th, 2019
Ended February 24th, 2019