Future Us?

Future Us?

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Writing with passion By PassionWriterHJH Updated Apr 25

Could you do a HTTYD time travel fanfic where the characters from HTTYD 1 meet their selves from HTTYD2?)

This was a comment on my HTTYD One-Shots Volume II and I decided that instead of making it a one-shot that would have been SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SU- you get the point. 
I decided to make this into a book! And yes, those quotes and phrases on the cover are in the book! 

Let me set the scene.
It is a sunny day at Dragons Edge when in blows a newcommer. She is not from Berk or anywhere close, she is from the future and a whole other world. She kidnapps the riders and take them on an epic journey to show them their futures!

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