Mission Adopted

Mission Adopted

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Raging Storm By braverthanu33 Updated Jul 02

Hades is a troubled kid and so are his siblings. They've been stuck in an adoption Center for as long as he can remember. Suddenly, Rhea an actress wants to adopt him?! When they leave he finds out the difficulties with being  famous, he needs to convince Kronos that he should adopt them, and (the icing on the cake) if he really wants to stay. Talk about an adventure. 

This is Dedicated to my second bff and my editor. They are the same person! Thanks ProfanityChicken. 

Hey I thought this would be a really good thing to do for fun and ya. I'll try to update every other Wednesday but no promises. If you go to my page you'll find out I'm working on three other books at this time doubled with the fact that I've got lots of projects and homework  so please be patient with me.

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