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The Alpha's Match

The Alpha's Match

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Kennedy LaRae By theloved_8 Completed

"Ever Daniel don't you ever ever kiss or touch another male again!"  Mason snapped at me.
"Why?  What's going to stop me anymore?!  You didn't run after me!"  I screamed at him.  He had me pinned against the bedroom wall.
"Ever!  Your mine!  No one else can have you!"  He growled at me.
"Says who?!"  He had my arms pinned above my head with his huge hands.
"Says me!"  Mason spat back.  His legs were on either side of me.  His waist and chest had me shoved back to the wall.
"Bite me!"  I glared at my huge mate. HIs eyes turned black.
"Gladly."  He smirked and moved down to where he would mark me.
Ever Daniel More.  Blonde, kind of tall, and a werewolf.  She is special in many ways, but never she never would've guessed what would happen to her one day.  She met the rival pack's Alpha.  They were mates.  They both new it too.
Mason Rares.  Tall, gorgeous, black hair, and an Alpha of a feared pack of werewolves.  He has always been feared, and never ever has he been afraid of anything.  When he finds his mate, will he have something to fear?  Or maybe finally someone is not afraid of him.  
*If possessiveness is the outcome of true love, then anger is the outcome of true care.  Some people just don't see that.*

When I saw who Mason was I was like how sarcastic the person who plays a vampire is a werewolf
Dream_Ahead Dream_Ahead Apr 26
Finally someone not as short as a dwarf 
                              like, is it some kind of rule that women are supposed to be the hieght of a 4th grader?????
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Nov 18, 2016
I'm 5'7 and I'm far from short. I keel like a giant cuz all my friends are tiny