a demon's touch | ✓

a demon's touch | ✓

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[nsfw content: completed 5/5.]
in which a curse leaves her especially sensitive to a demon's sinful touch.

Nathan grins. "Wanna see a magic trick?" 

Before any party can react, his hand wraps around her wrist, the curse - powered touch sends her back arched and entire body wound tight as painfully intense sensations ravage her, again. Something between a whimper and cry fall from her lips, shaking, eye flying wide then squeezing shut.  

Her legs give out, but he catches her, forearm hooking around her waist, and something even stronger follows in his wake. "O - oh, p - please," she gasps, writhing in his grip. Her nails claw at his skin as agonizing bliss tears across her nerves until she's convulsing violently with another orgasm.       
Somehow, she manages to rip herself out of his hold, hitting the carpeted floor, still twitching and buzzingly numb. Her gaze lifts to see Michael's wide - eyed expression, then to Nathan's, black eyed and filled with bad.   

"Little lamb." He smiles, all teeth and carnivorous. "This is going to be fun. I've been waiting to devour you."