The Mortal Queen | The Cruel Prince / Wicked King Fanfic

The Mortal Queen | The Cruel Prince / Wicked King Fanfic

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CruelJane By CruelJane Updated May 19

"What makes you think I'd want to go back after everything that happened? I've been here for months, and this place has actually grown on me. My life is here now."

Oh, I know this game. I am the champion of this game- no contenders. She's not fooling anyone but herself. 

"So you won't mind then if I just left now?" I challenge. "Once I'm gone you're on your own. Are you willing to risk that?"

"I am."

The Cruel Prince fanfiction! Takes place after The Wicked King. Jude is exiled to the mortal world, forced out of her life and her home in Faerie. 

Will she be able to make sense of what was done to her and piece together the enormous puzzle before her? Or has she given up on everything entirely? 

These are not necessarily my exact predictions of where Queen of Nothing will pick up when it comes out next year, but there are elements to this story that I think could play a huge role in the third book in the series. And I'm obsessed with Jude and Cardan's dynamic, so I can't not write about them. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Of course, everything belongs to the enchanting Holly Black.

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