Break It Up (Someone Else's Fairytale #2.5)

Break It Up (Someone Else's Fairytale #2.5)

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Emily Mah/E.M. Tippetts By EmilyMahTippetts Completed

Kyra Armijo is making a few changes in her life. One of them being, she's no longer going to give it up to every guy who looks at her twice. And she's putting her hopes and dreams for her future first. When the aspiring photojournalist gets the opportunity of a lifetime to tag along with international boy band sensation, Triple Cross, she can't pass up the chance. 

The only problem is that she's in love with one band member, dodging the unwanted attention of another, and desperate to keep her turbulent past under wraps. Triple Cross have "nice guy" appeal, approved of by parents the world over, but have just let go their longtime manager, who controlled their clean image and media exposure with an iron fist. When Zach Wechsler, the object of Kyra's affection, begins to show interest, she has to be careful. 

Surely one girl can't destroy a band that's been together for ten years... only what if she can? Kyra knows she's one bad decision away from ruining everything she's worked for, and taking the hottest act of her generation down with her. 

This new adult book is suitable for all ages, and is for sale on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, and Book Depository (if I'm not uploading it fast enough ;-)

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JasminNoah JasminNoah Aug 07, 2016
Dang Kyra. Its Good Chloe Talked You Out Of Being With That 20 Something Dude You Were With.
glitzitup glitzitup Jan 19, 2016
OMG the first chapter and it's already really juicya and good
concreteroads concreteroads Sep 06, 2015
Love Kyra, she was one of my favourite characters in the main books and I'm super excited to read about changed Kyra here.
Heyygirlxx Heyygirlxx Apr 02, 2015
I thought that sentence was going to end a lot differently... Need to get my mind out the gutter 
caryct caryct Dec 08, 2014
I love your novels, I've read three so far!  By the way I wrote a story with siblings named Zach and Logan, and Zach is the oldest as well :) They're not the main characters, the third and youngest brother is; Sebastian.
MyFabulousQueen MyFabulousQueen Nov 30, 2014
Put one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be walkin cross the floor