The Run

The Run

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xxxSUPERMANLOVERxxx By xxxSUPERMANLOVERxxx Updated Jul 16, 2011

The Run  

It all started on Friday the 13th, and you know how people say that the 13th is very unlucky, well it is for me! 

I was walking home from school when I hit Malabo Street. I saw a dark figure run across the street about five meters away. As soon as I saw it, I froze. In his hand was a gun! I tip-toed backwards down the street. As soon as I hit the corner, I sprinted as fast as I could possibly run, hoping he wouldn't follow me. I skidded to a halt. I had just heard a gunshot. I checked to make sure that the bullet had not hit me. 

"Ok," I said to myself.

It did not hit me so I carefully looked around the corner and there was a girl with blood gushing out of her. I grabbed my cell phone out of my backpack and quickly dialed 911.

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