Scira.I remember it and I mean it.

Scira.I remember it and I mean it.

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Crackqueen By missSlayandShine96 Completed

Just a short fan fiction. I ship Scira so much. Recently i rewatched the whole show. And how much i feel bad they have to broke scira.  Here i just write how Kira back to Beacon Hills after a year to save her friends and Scott had a bad news and a good news. Both left him shocked.  

"She has to be something. " Noshiko says to Ken. 

"Scott...hurmm when i saw in the mirror.." Stiles blurted out. Scott sighs and nod his head. 
"Kira's fox. Its protecting her" Scott smiles sadly and Stiles pat his shoulder before they off too. 

*Read to find out what happened* 
Hope u guys like it.