Master's little neko pet

Master's little neko pet

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xxcandyland_queenxx By xxcandyland_queenxx Updated May 07, 2016


name: given one when bought

age :17


weight: when bought 60lbs healthy weight is 96 lbs

appearance: pale white skin, waist long black hair with natural white tip/ends, longish bangs that hang only a little bit in her white eyes, black ears and tail with white tips, long black lashes framing her eyes and plump bright pink lips.

name: Forrest Stone

age: 25



appearance: tanned skin, eye length chocolate brown hair with matching eyes, dark lashes framing his eyes. lots of muscle...he's ripped. and plump dark pink lips.

Im putting a plot twist in here.....hope y'all like it

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Yes, 17 weighs 60lbs, VERY healthy. *sarcasm* I'm 4 years younger and I weigh more. Like, a good 60 lbs more. Exactly how is 96 lbs is healthy for a 17 year old?
Trisscar Trisscar Sep 15, 2014
i say it to everyone, interweave the information from your character profiles into your story
xxcandyland_queenxx xxcandyland_queenxx Jun 26, 2014
@darkenedm thank you I'm working on a new chapter now and will update either today or tomorrow
xxcandyland_queenxx xxcandyland_queenxx Jun 20, 2014
@jackie_fantasy well I was putting off finishing the chapter...and you motivated me to finish it :3
jackie_fantasy jackie_fantasy Jun 20, 2014
Awww! I love it thank you I love the surprise lol I really wasn't expecting that