Blood Lust (GXG)

Blood Lust (GXG)

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Blood Book 1

Walking home at night is diffidently not a smart idea. Especially when its midnight on a country road back to your house with only the moon light lighting my way. I shouldn't have agreed to go to that party. I could be at home binge watching shows on Netflix. 

There she is, My mate. Shes all alone. Its perfect. I can finally take her to my realm to rule by my side. She'll finally be mine. ALL MINE.

Book 1 (Blood Lust)*In Progress*
Book 2 (Blood Ties)*Coming Soon*
Book 3 (Blood Magic)*Coming Soon*
Book 4 (Blood Bonds) *Coming Soon*
Book 5 (Blood Hope)*Coming Soon*
Book 6 (Blood Line)*Coming Soon*