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Periods: The Raw Truth

Periods: The Raw Truth

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I forgot. By rainbowscarecrow Updated Dec 29, 2014

If you don't have the balls (oh, the irony) to handle this, then please spare yourself. 

This very enraging, yet educating, rant is about something literally every single teenage girl can relate to.  Yes, you got it: periods. I'm going to tell you (hopefully helpful) tips, horrifyingly embarrassing stories, painfully relatable details, and (most importantly) humourus material to help you through this monthly demonic rendevous. 

This is 100% on my and the whole female population's behalf to rant out every single detail online on why having your period SUCKS. 

It's just the raw truth.

Thanks, and enjoy!

in middle school, my school had a halloween dance... that's where i got my first period. cx
T̃õ W̃h̃ẽr̃ẽ h̃ẽr̃ẽ Ĩ ãm̃ j̃ũs̃t̃ s̃ĩt̃t̃ĩñg̃ t̃h̃ẽr̃ẽ t̃h̃ĩñk̃ĩñg̃: 'C̃ãñ Ĩ c̃h̃ẽc̃k̃õũt̃ f̃õr̃ t̃h̃ĩs̃?'
HCatSparkle HCatSparkle Feb 10
When I got mine I was (thankfully) at home and I recognized right away why I was bleeding. . .
lexwitdat lexwitdat Nov 22, 2016
Ha I literally got mine today. OH WHY HELLO SATAN HOW ARE YOU TODAY?! It HURRRTTTTSSSSS!!!!!!! Help meeee......
- - Dec 03, 2016
Yeah I got mine about a year ago (bit more) in the supermarket. Being gender fluid and not out of the closet I hid in the bathroom silently crying.