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Black and Grey

Black and Grey

179K Reads 8.6K Votes 53 Part Story
Amberosa Costo By AmberosaCosto Completed

Theodore Raymond Grey has come of age. This story is about how he learns to understand and respect the difference between love and sex; and how he can't seem to live without either.

goldconsonance goldconsonance Aug 14, 2016
I thought about "saved by the bell" because I'm different😂
S_JUNIOR S_JUNIOR Jul 12, 2016
This is confusing is it a first person POV  or third person POV
CrimsonFae CrimsonFae Dec 29, 2016
I snort it doesn't take me much to do so, and I won't notice till everyone is laughing harder than I was cause apparently snorting makes the joke funnier 😂
Jasminer03-15 Jasminer03-15 Dec 15, 2016
I'm a size 7 those size 2 days are way over 😂 it's good to be thick
ICanSeeYour_Pixels ICanSeeYour_Pixels May 26, 2016
Ummmm...not everyone who eats is's kinda how, you know, we survive....
pinkprincess0987 pinkprincess0987 Dec 02, 2016
Lol they're so cute already...I think I'm going to like this story