Selenophobia |larry|

Selenophobia |larry|

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.                    One is a famous celebrity who has deep hidden secrets.

 The other is a part of the paparazzi chaos; he watches carefully, until one day he notices the un-noticed.

                   What happens when Harry gets suspicious about Louis? 

                               How will Louis deal with his new problem?

                                    Attraction just might be the answer.

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lesbianslovelouis lesbianslovelouis Apr 04, 2017
Doesn't selene mean moon in Latin? So it's like fear of the moon... weird af. Also Cleopatra's daughter was named Selene and hus twin was named Elios (Sun). It's so nice if I'll ever have twins I'll call them Elios and Selene
niallismunching niallismunching Jun 25, 2017
I am literally cryling right now because I read this once and it hurt me
1d_potterhead3 1d_potterhead3 Oct 04, 2017
LOL it's a phobia from moon.. I guess.. as far as I remember from my syllabus lol
Reine101 Reine101 Aug 02, 2017
Fantastic story! Love the way you used dialog! Reminds me of my own story!
lourry_Or_Larry lourry_Or_Larry Dec 27, 2017
This book made me enter the Wattpad world , thank you for the memories
I actually looked it up and apparently 
                              Selenophobia,  is fear of the moon