My Vampire (BoyxBoy)

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Izaya Orihara/ Nagisa Hazuki/ Kitty Evan By agirlnamedevan Updated a year ago
Ace is a fifteen year old boy who is in love with his best friend, Nate. Everyone tries to give Nate hints, but he just doesn't get it. Then, a new transfer student moves to their school. Ace starts noticing the new boy and finds out his secret. Our main protagonist begins to think he's starting to fall for the new, good-looking student. Meanwhile Nate starts realizing some feelings he's never had before. The only problem is, he has to figure out his feelings before Ace gives up on him for good. The new student and Nate become rivals. (Heh, they both have black hair so you never know who's the one in the title picture.) Will Ace choose the one he's been loving since elementary or the new fanged student? (Pfft! Even I don't know the answer to that one!!! xD)
    By the way, I'm going to try to make my story like Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. You know, how the story includes parts that have nothing to do with the main characters and moves to others? For example: This story is about Ace, Nate and new guy, right? I might put a chapter about his uncle's relationship with his own boyfriend. Hopefully you got what I mean. ^_^"
My brother did that to me but it was on purpose and it was MY ICECREAM!!!!!!!!
It's great seeing emos :) As one myself we get to talk about stuff and band shirts or whatever.
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xDDDDDDDDD I want your uncle!!!! Plz give meh!!!!! I love this Uncle!
does she need to get a whole gang of hard core bands shoved up her or something cause i can get some spikey guitars and drum sticks..
I know this is a romance but the comedy in here is endless xD