The Whistler ~ Phan

The Whistler ~ Phan

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It's funny how three little words can make or break a life, just like how seven simple notes can call the forest from her slumber.

Dan Howell is a broken boy.

Broken and scarred and alone - he has been his whole life.

Not even his best friends could keep the scars from his wrists, so they gave up. Like everyone else. And just agreed on how much of a pathetic loser he was.

But he has an escape. A place where the air is fresh and the colours vividly innocent: the woods.

He has never shared his woodland escape with anyone, neither his little secrets with a pale blue and black bird named Phil.

But then a different Phil arrives.

- Self harm
- Suicide and mentions
- Mentions of drugs/alcohol
- Abuse/Bullying

So just a quick author's note, this story is kinda short and just one of those ones where you sit down and just want to read a quick fluffy story about a couple of YouTubers and although the triggers look horrific I promise, the book is pure fluff. Like pink slippers fluff. Like a floppy eared bunny rabbit wearing pink slippers that's wrapped up in a fluffy rug fluff.

Like Dil's bunny slippers fluff. Yeah. That fluffy.

You get the picture.

So yeah... Enjoy :) It's just kinda relaxed and I liked writing it. (That sounds horrible considering the beginning but I like writing about being able to turn someone's life over from completely horrific to the best ever as personally I just kinda like reading it - especially if it's fluffy)

bighades bighades Jun 01
I found this in my library half way finished with no recollection of reading it before so let's get this started!
Daniel James Howell! Don't you dare tell yourself that! You are such a beautiful human being. And the rest of y'all are too, so don't go thinking otherwise.
Your writing skills are amazing, this inspires me to try to write too!
stiirfryy stiirfryy Nov 21
guys pls read the synopsis/book description properly y'all are making me cry
What....a...BITCH! Like...your son wanted a shower and he can do one without asking you!!
call_me_KANYEki call_me_KANYEki 7 days ago
Do you guys not read the book description omg these comments