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If We're A Fairytale (Completed)

If We're A Fairytale (Completed)

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Alem By alem0007 Completed

"Another thing, promise me....." I swallowed the lump in my throat. My tears and his were falling, betraying our facade and showing the pain we were desperately trying to hide. I can do this. This is for him and for me. I took my hand from him and kissed him for the last time. Thanking him for making me happy and for giving me his child. "...promise me, that we'll never meet again..." 

That time, I let go of my fantasies, my memories and my happiness. I let go of my fairytale and my happily ever after.

natanickii natanickii Aug 30, 2016
Meh. If you can't deal with the consequences of sex, you shouldn't do it!
marmar012 marmar012 Mar 30, 2016
Fùck his cheating aśs. He doesn't deserve you, or the child.
fairyeva fairyeva Jan 05, 2016
Is he cheating on her * stares intensely into his eyes* you better not
VolcanoesSleep VolcanoesSleep Jun 20, 2015
That, honey, is life. You can hate it or love it, it's just how it is.
VolcanoesSleep VolcanoesSleep Jun 19, 2015
Yeah. Wouldn't that be great? I'm not gonna be too rude, coz maybe your pregnancy hormones are getting in the way or something? Lol
VolcanoesSleep VolcanoesSleep Jun 19, 2015
Everything for you *scoffs* smhh, Girl, love him all you want, but please don't become fully reliant on someone other than yourself. :/ it's kind of, just a tad, unhealthy.