Créatúr Ghalraithe (Diseased Creature)

Créatúr Ghalraithe (Diseased Creature)

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Draccoblade By Draccoblade Updated Mar 02, 2011

My breath leaves my mouth slowly, in silence. I'm backed up against the kitchen wall, my sweaty palms staining the grey kitchen wall. I can still hear the agonising screams of my brother, the creature has him, and he's as good as dead. One last ear-piercing scream from the living room tells me he's dead. 

I breathe in, and out. 

I peer around the doorframe to see the horrifying creature, the blood of my brother dripping from its rotting fangs. 

I gasp and, in one quick motion, turn back to my original position, only praying it didn't hear me. 

The past few weeks have been quite interesting to say the least, something tiny, barely noticeable, a simple idea. 

Who knew it would be the beginning of the terror, the nightmare I have entered.  

Again I hear the creature move around in the room behind me, I shut my eyes, as in some lousy attempt to believe I will wake up with him still alive, no more scars to haunt my memory. 

But a simple pinch let's me know that this is reality, and I...