Stuck in Camp Rivers

Stuck in Camp Rivers

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Blaire Landers is not your average sixteen year old. Already, she's committed countless crimes and has been arrested over multiple times. 
Living with her dad, and stepmother who wants him all to herself, Blaire's learned to just forget about everything. But When Blaire crosses a line that sends her packing for Camp Bradford - A "Place for Troubled Teens", Blaire knows for a fact her summer's not exactly going to be fun. 

Blaire's not worried about making friends. She's not worried about camp rules. No, because Blaire Landers only cares about herself. 

At camp, Blaire is the chick everyone gossips about. Blaire is the girl majority of the campers are afraid of, and the one all the guys want. Does Blaire care? Nope. Not one bit. 

But once she meets Spencer Rivers, the well-known 'bad boy' of the camp who basically owns the place, Blaire realises she's come face to face with a gorgeous criminal who has made his pick. Her. And she's not about to give him the satisfaction he expects to get. Or so they both thought.

It's Blaire's first year going to Camp Bradford, but it doesn't take long for her to realise how the camp really works within the kids. When the counsellors aren't looking, it's not Camp Bradford, named after the owner.....but Camp Rivers, considering how Spencer seems to run the place with his overly-arousing good looks and sex glow. All the girls love him, all the guys basically worship him, but not Blaire. No, Blaire's got her own game to play. 
This girl isn't your average delinquent camper, and she realises that it may be time for her to end the flood of Spencer Rivers.

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Bored333 Bored333 Jun 09, 2016
This is a weird coincidence but today is Wednesday and Friday is my last day of school.🤔
WhiteSageFox16 WhiteSageFox16 Jan 31, 2016
She makes me think of the new Harley Quinn coming out in the 2016 Suicide Squad
AngelaDunkle AngelaDunkle Sep 12, 2015
my mom hates cats sooo much and is allergic so she always says if we get one it will be for target practice
olihugo olihugo Mar 26, 2015
I can't tell if your calling the step mother an ugly creature or the cat! 
A7XChevyChick A7XChevyChick Feb 26, 2013
I cant wait fir the next chapter!! This story is great cause it suprises me and i hafta say the violence is refreshing=P hurry and update pleeeeaaaase!!!!!