Lego House (Sequel to ILAFYO)

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marisa By FromCheshire Completed
Book 2/4; Molly and Harry are numerously getting attacked by the public while they have their own struggles going on behind closed doors. Other band members getting attached to the young girl and things deep enough to pull the band apart come up and secrets spill out from the only people they thought they could trust. How are they going to keep their relationship on the down-low when everything is so public? 
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This is really good I'm happy your adding this story I read the first one and that was really good
Im talking to myself, trying to see how that would sound & my mom walked in, said "weirdo" then walked back out
The moment i saw 'ratchet' i couldnhear the #selfie song lol
omfg I laughed my ass off when I read what harry said, "What do you Americans say? Ratchet." I laughed my butt off
Dead...... That's what I am I'm dead.... I just died.... Omg
Oh my gosh!! The thought of Harry Styles saying Rachet makes me die inside!!Lol