Wanting my Bestfriend's Boyfriend

Wanting my Bestfriend's Boyfriend

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Liv Hengen was known as the popular kid with the phrase, "Keep your friends close but, your enemies closer." She had literally adopted that phrase when her ex-bestfriend Holly Pitt screwed her over for that oh, so stupid boy, Brody Harrison. Ever since that day she hated Brody for no apparent reason. She liked to tell herself that he was associated with the devil herself. 

After that mini saga, she met her new bestfriend Cleo Newman. She always knew that the curly haired fairly skinned black girl was going to be her bestfriend for a long time. Along with Cleo came a crazy dark brown haired boy with eyes that changed colors from, blue to green, to brown, to hazel and then to grey, Charles Saintcloud.

Through the years they all became bestfriends and that helped her forget about the wicked witch, Holly Pitt.  
Cleo always knew Liv and Charles were always too close for friends. But, she never would expect that they were sex buddies, for fun. She didn't jump to conclusions or tried to. She just kept quiet. 
Cleo had her eyes on someone special.

 Oh, you guessed it! Brody Harrison, the one her bestfriend hates. It's even worse when they start dating and all of a sudden Charles becomes a bit, weird. With the acception of their love for Cleo, they were forced to tolerate the so, sweet Brody. 

The blue eyed blonde was extra angry when she found out that her friend was dating the blue eyed brunette. But, she accepted him because that was her bestfriend. 

One day her life changed forever by just ten words.

"Liv and Brody you are working together for the project." Her teacher said as she read from the list.

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