Beautiful Storm

Beautiful Storm

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Zo By ExperimentalHuman Updated Jul 31

Arabelle has heard the stories about the never ending storm from the mountain top behind her village. She's even watched over the years as the heavy mist fell further down the forest, blanketing everything it touches in a fine, white sheet.

As the weather anomalies start to reach closer to home, the leaders begin to get nervous. When gifts, peace offerings and any other attempt to beseech the storm goes unanswered, they begin sending up human sacrifices.

Person after person gets sent up the mountain, never seen again and the storm never ending.

The village leaders soon decide to send a woman to persuade the storm-maker to lift the mist and stop the violent storms. Arabelle is that woman, only, she isn't the kind of person to calm someone down. She's neither patient nor tactful. Regardless, she voluntarily goes into the forest, not caring about the outcome, to escape a ruthless hunter.

What she didn't expect is a castle to appear through the clouds on the mountain and beast like man to prowl the rooms within.

With strange castle workers, deadly secrets and no way home until the storm subsides, she is forced to work with the rude man to fix everything he's messing up. Between fighting his ever changing mood swings and controlling her own temper, Arabelle has to work with the abandoned Prince to save the village before the storm gets too powerful to stop.



>Some MATURE scenes
>Some violence
>Descriptive Self Harm
>Some abuse/rape

[Very Little- almost none- Cursing]
Rated PG13


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