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Sibylline Greetings - Second LiteraTours Cozy Mystery

Sibylline Greetings - Second LiteraTours Cozy Mystery

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Lina Hanson By lhansenauthor Updated 3 days ago

The LiteraTours inaugural trip to Rome is in trouble from day one. When seemingly senseless acts of sabotage culminate in cut brakes, Jessica "Ike" Wordsworth, divorcee, LiteraTours partner, and rookie tour guide finds herself in a runaway coach, thundering down one of the seven hills.

Brigitte, French coach driver with an attitude, saves the day. 
But even she cannot stop the anonymous assassin from striking again, this time in the catacombs. 

And this time somebody ends up dead: in the grave of a Roman priestess, a grave that harbours a secret. Buried alive for breaking her vows, the young Vestal left a message on the walls of her tomb, a message indicating the long-lost prophecies of the Sibyl might still be around.  

Besieged by custody claims, takeover bids and wonky bottom lines, Gary, 13th Baron of Nettlehole and Managing Director of LiteraTours can't resist. The widower grabs his (almost) teenage son Jon and shows up in Rome, the very morning Ike finds the corpse of a fellow tour guide.

But was the poor girl really the intended victim? 
Who are the three women chasing after Ike?
Who knocked the head off Lord Byron's statue?
Where are the Sibylline scrolls? 

Ike, Gary, Brigitte and Jon will have to get to the bottom of all these questions if they want to survive. 

In the end, only Ike's unique book-diving skills can save the day. If she can live through the experience that is . . . 

"Sibylline Greetings" is the sequel to "Frankenstein's Guide", the 2018 Watty Winner, but it works equally well as a standalone novel. The story is completed off Wattpad and will be posted in its entirety.

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