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No Matter What (TWD: Clementine & Luke)

No Matter What (TWD: Clementine & Luke)

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Batman_panda23 By Batman_panda23 Completed

Luke and Clem are separated from the group long ago, now they both strive together in the zombie infested world. It's been 7 years, Clementine is 18, still niave but smarter than ever, she battles out walkers with Luke on her side, together, they make the perfect team. They both had a love for each other, but with each day, it grows stronger.

I'd be fine with no TV or internet, as long as I had my internet friend with me and books, then I'd be fine.
My bead lasts like 3 day and ends up lookin like a dead ass walker dah fook
Pffffttt chess isn't complicated. It just takes a lot of thinking and focus.
sarah was a waste of character development tbh. she could have a big impact on clem, if they were to become close friends. of course, her father sheltered her
                              that was like a mini rant sorry
She means if Lee never found her at all she would either be dead or would have been still staying at the tree house when she was eleven. To shorten it she saying she wouldn't have left the tree house at all
RhiannonCor RhiannonCor Jun 01
When it was Lee's death scene who else wanted clem to tell Lee that she loved him before she had to leave? 😂 I certainly did. ( not in a gf/bf way but a dad and daughter way) 😂😂