CHAMPIONS (The Lost Chronicles of Eden, #1) [Published]

CHAMPIONS (The Lost Chronicles of Eden, #1) [Published]

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Karren Renz Seña By KarrenRenzSena Completed

Gabriel didn't know what hit him. One moment, he was staring at his lovely date, and the next, she was pulling out a gun and shooting random men on the street.

The first, she shot in the head. He had a black suit on, as if he just came from a meeting. There was a calamari vendor who was dipping squid rings on a batter before frying it. She shot him in the chest. Without batting an eye, she cocked her gun and shot in the guts a Fine Arts student crossing the street.

He stared aghast at his date, who calmly tucked her gun back into her bag as if she did nothing out of the ordinary. 'Oh, yeah. I shoot random men while sipping on a hot cup of overpriced coffee. Just felt  like it, you know? Oh, would you like some more sugar on your latte?'

Gabriel shook his head to clear his mind off the crazy thought. He swallowed the huge lump in his throat and gaped at Selina. “What the heck?!” he screamed when he was able to find his voice.

Selina turned to Gabriel and smiled. “You saw that? Good. You’re the seventh Candidate. Come with me.”

With that, Gabriel gets thrown into a wild adventure involving Guardians (who are neither  angels nor spirits) and their never-ending war against the demons that ravage all the Worlds—both visible and invisible.

As he journeys with newfound, if albeit weird and cranky allies, he learns more about himself, his elusive past, his destiny and ultimately finds out what it means to be a true Champion—and maybe find love in the process, too.

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