Vermilion ✔

Vermilion ✔

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Melissa Barton is a donor for Vermilion Inc - a company that collects blood for the vampire elite. Her blood is delicious, and it results in receiving a letter one day while working as a maid for one of the vampire families. 

One of these vampires, she learns, has bought her directly. 

Like so many on Earth in the year 2334, Melissa is an orphan. In an attempt to find more about her identity, she agrees to work with a novice group of vampire hunters in exchange for information that they have.

As always in her life, a complication arises. Her purchaser is in fact the mysterious Henry Tallmer -- a member of an elite vampire family. He is handsome, cold, and shrewd, and Melissa is sorely fascinated with him. He is also the target that the hunters want her to help kill.

Nothing is ever easy, of course. Especially when Melissa learns that she likes when he feeds from her...

RATED M for erotica, gore, profanity, and dark scenarios.



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