The Secret's Out

The Secret's Out

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MC By morbidcupcake Updated Sep 20, 2014

Love triangles are never pleasant. Especially when they involve your old English teacher.

In this sequel for Can You Keep a Secret, Deserae White is nearing the end of her senior year. With finals coming up and her father’s trial going on, she finds herself too busy for sleep, let alone her best friends, Miranda Prentice and Valery Sterling. And when Mason Carter drops in without any warning, things seem to become even more hectic! 

Add in a very sexy and charming defense attorney, an impatient mother, and a surprising offer, and you have a secret that even Deserae can’t contain!

kiya_efron kiya_efron Jul 20, 2016
I don't even want to read it no more if she bout to bitch around man
Anna_The_Penguin Anna_The_Penguin Apr 30, 2016
I want Mason to snatch Deserae away with his strong arms faster than a cheetah right now and he better do it with a sexy intimidating growl too
Anna_The_Penguin Anna_The_Penguin Apr 30, 2016
Okay if that pic is Deserae I think she fits muchhhhhh more than the last time. I can deal with this. Thank you!
HawkMothChatNoir HawkMothChatNoir May 31, 2016
'Um- hi I'm Lues, the aterny and you are?' 
                              'Ms. White's boyfriend.' *Let Louse a protective gral*
Dark_Girl_Shadows Dark_Girl_Shadows Aug 11, 2015
No. It's not alright. Shoo shoo, go away and dìe in a corner.
ellakeane30 ellakeane30 Jun 26, 2014
He can go out in public with her now coz she's 18! YASS well only if he comes back D: