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Carol Anne Shaw By WriterOnTheIsland Updated Jul 12

SERVING UP A STORY is a collection of creative writing tips, exercises, prompts, and essays.

It starts with twenty-five exercises designed to teach you the art of writing "shorts."  What, may you ask, is a short? It's a piece of writing that generally doesn't exceed 500 words, and writing one is a wonderful way to get rid of unnecessary detail. It deep-sixes the info-dump of backstory and gets you writing from your heart. In the end, you'll have a tightly crafted bit of writing that will cut to the quick and hit your reader right in the feels. The extra bonus? You can use these little gems later on by fleshing them out to turn them into longer stories. Because the whole story is going to be there: the beginning, the middle, and the end.

When you've made it through the exercises, you can relax with a few (hopefully) humorous essays about the trials and tribulations of writing; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's all here. 

I hope you enjoy SERVING UP A STORY. Happy writing.

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