Without Her

Without Her

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Savannah Abelseth By ghosty_sloth Updated Jun 26

Amanda was four years older than her little brother, Trey. They lived together with their mother, a kind hearted, yet anxious woman, and their father, a cruel and loud alcoholic. Their father was abusive, and their mother grew sick and unable to stop him from hurting her babies. One fateful night, Amanda is killed by her own father, and Trey is kidnapped by him, forced to live a new life with a new name, and to forget his sister forever. What happens when he discovers his sister isnt as dead as he thought? When lies begin to unravel and trust is betrayed and his entire world is flipped upside down, but maybe, just maybe, in a good way.

WARNING: My story contains potentially triggering content, such as but not limited to: abuse, kidnapping, bullying, and sexual assault. Some of these things are depicted in detail, others are not. 
Read with caution.

A/N - I do not own the cover photo, nor do I know who the photographer was. If you know the source, please let me know :)

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  • death
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