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Simran Multani By simranm17 Updated Feb 14

She sought to be his poison, to be the one to destroy and rip him apart. Little did Darcy Goodwin know, Noah Caine would be the cure to her darkness. 
She sought to bury her claws in her throat, to drink her blood and revel in its taste. Little did Phoebe Goodwin know, Dove Caine's blood would be her drug. One taste and they were bonded forever. 

Nothing is fair in love and war. 

* * * 
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kayismail_ kayismail_ May 21, 2016
Oh my goodness i literally freak out when I saw my whole notes is full of your update finally!!!
river_of_words river_of_words Feb 10, 2016
An amazing and fascinating narrative, I got trapped by it from the very beginning!
_Tres_Jolie_ _Tres_Jolie_ Feb 02, 2016
Like I remember that from sixth grade and I'm a sophomore now 
                              School really does pay off
BookEmpire BookEmpire Sep 30, 2016
I'm was so scared when the story seemed to disappear. I'm so happy you are continuing this story.
MerisaDuratovic MerisaDuratovic Jan 13, 2016
Creepy moment when that song was playing as I was reading this
Neon_Meth Neon_Meth Feb 15, 2015
I love that this book is something different and not some story about a girl being rejected by her mate and then coming Back years later looking badass and shit...This is what wattpad needs. I can't wait to read more.  surprised I didn't find this book earlier tbh