The Blood Red Path

The Blood Red Path

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Whiskeyqueenn By Whiskeyqueenn Updated Jan 17

How do you fight the Moon?

The King has fallen to a God. 

The world is gathering, surrounding the Northern hemisphere on all side, crushing, strangling the land in a tight noose.

All they demand is Charlie's head.  The female Alpha born from two alphas. The first of her kind. Charlie's mother Victoria was the first female Alpha, who has created the way, has walked the path first for her daughter to follow with ease behind her. Through teeth and claw the Northern Hemisphere was a sanctuary for Charlie to be raised on. Now, it's become the center for the Moon's army to face the sharpened weapons of Charlie's army. 

The great spread of old has come back to the meeting place where the final battle will take place. 

Trades will be made, sides will be picked and the blood-red path will be walked until only the One remains. 

There can only be One. The Moon intends to keep her position while Charlie fights the fight for the Wilds who have been severed from their souls at death. Punished to wander the world as ghosts without their halves. 

She fights the true fight for the Wilds who can't fight for themselves. 

Charlie needs to understand who she has come from and who she can become. Charlie needs to understand how to bleed, and to bleed well.  She needs to become a God-eater. 

Welcome to the second half of Odin's Prize.