(Alois  x Reader) Safe and Sound, A song Fic

(Alois x Reader) Safe and Sound, A song Fic

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Reader x Alois Trancy Black Butler Kuroshitsuji  

You and Alois are engaged! Happy! To the song Safe and sound by Taylor swift. 

If you are reading this comment: Insanity 

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- - Jun 13
Alois is so cute! I imagine him using the cutest but sadist face in the world!
Aww my precious bean is so clingy 😂❤ im never gonna let go of this kid
All these comments made me think of the song I want your bite... Gawd what has happened to the sweet innocent girl?!
Ku_roo Ku_roo Dec 16, 2016
I am very sick right now and I don't think anyone would want to sleep with me
MyOnlineRomance MyOnlineRomance Jul 27, 2016
Yes i wish I had his body. And his booty that is bigger than mine *looks down*
Queen_of_lost_souls Queen_of_lost_souls May 05, 2016
Awww alois there no need to cry I'll never let you go*kisses head*