Love Comes in Three

Love Comes in Three

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Complete (First Draft) The year is 1815, sixteen year old Margaret Woodbridge thinks her world is ending as she watches the youngest of her three brothers whisk away her best friend from Somerset as they leave on their honeymoon.  The feeling of loneliness is almost as suffocating as when she found out she was orphaned and left in the care of her eldest brother and his wife almost four years ago.  

With the sudden realization that marriage is a fact of life and she has no prospects, the uncertainty of her future weighs heavily on her.  After a little nudging from her guardians soon there are plans to make for London for the Season with the hopes that Margaret will find a suitable match. 

Is this the adventure that her best friend alluded to as she left?
Follow Margaret as she navigates the sea of Society as she attempts to find true love.

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InezaEsther InezaEsther Apr 12, 2017
Wow i love it it has suspency which makes me dont want to stop reading
rampoorna rampoorna Apr 15, 2017
Your writing is good. Your vocabulary is nice too. This prologue was very informative. Nice :)
Zachary333 Zachary333 Mar 21, 2017
Usually I don't read Historical Fictions, especially one's that are set in the 1800's, but this prologue is intriguing to me. Very well written I must say.
Fleurdelys21 Fleurdelys21 Feb 27, 2017
Very good prologue. I usually skip over them but I actually read this one and it really drew me in!
Peterparkinglot Peterparkinglot Feb 19, 2017
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