Love Comes in Three

Love Comes in Three

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Goose_Girl By Goose_Girl Updated Aug 21

The year is 1815, sixteen year old Margaret Woodbridge thinks her world is ending as she watches the youngest of her three brothers whisk away her best friend from Somerset as they leave on their honeymoon.  The feeling of loneliness is almost as suffocating as when she found out she was orphaned and left in the care of her eldest brother and his wife almost four years ago.  

With the sudden realization that marriage is a fact of life and she has no prospects, the uncertainty of her future weighs heavily on her.  After a little nudging from her guardians soon there are plans to make for London for the Season with the hopes that Margaret will find a suitable match. 

Is this the adventure that her best friend alluded to as she left?
Follow Margaret as she navigates the sea of Society as she attempts to find true love.

This is well written. My only complaint / concern is that it seems as if maragaret is still 14 in chapter 1...
                              Maybe a note at the top to let us know it is 4 years later. I am not sure if it is chapter 2 or 3 that I realized this. It was a bit disconcerting.
I love the book already this will definitely stay on my reading list.
ssouders ssouders Dec 24, 2015
Such promise!  I hope Emily is right. I look forward to discovering the adventure ahead with Margaret.
ssouders ssouders Dec 24, 2015
Simple, yet marvelously done. Your prose is pure perfection :)
Goldenblossom13 Goldenblossom13 Dec 19, 2015
What is this trickery? I feel like I'm losing my two best friends too XD
AnnaMichaels AnnaMichaels Jul 11, 2014
Lovely, well written and intresting! I also find Margaret's relationship to Freddie, to be magnificent! Can't wait to read more :)