Eragon ~*~ Glaciem

Eragon ~*~ Glaciem

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Eragon has traveled to the East and found a place to hatch and raise the dragons. But that isn't the only thing he has found on his journey. A completely new race has been discovered and has been given the title Angels. (I've decided to insert my magic angels from Aeria into this story, but they aren't the same characters---I assure you. This is a whole new perspective on this species.) And if raising dragon hatchlings wasn't enough, a new threat is brewing in West Alagaesia. Will these new riders be able to tackle it or will the world be subjected to another tyrany once more? The journey has only just begun for them in Eragon ~*~ Glaciem.

(All concept of The Inheritance Cycle and Original Characters belongs to Christopher Paolini, the original author of the series The Inheritance Cycle.)

[Characters created by me (Lucykins26), belong to me]

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ctenhagen ctenhagen Feb 27
i have started creating a website, and i would like permission to put a link to this page on there
LoveEragon LoveEragon Aug 11, 2017
Hey I love your story! I am also making a fanfic called reunion it's not complete but you can check it out.
Allifered Allifered Dec 16, 2016
I saw this when I wasn't done the 4th book, and I didn't understand what the place he found meant. But now I do, and AHHHH I need more, and maybe this is the more I need! 😂😂
FerusBlade FerusBlade Nov 09, 2015
I am a huge fan of the inheritance cycle and so when I heard that Christopher paolini wasn't making anymore I was kind of sad but I am super excited for this book and I think you should make more :D
Cross3Moon Cross3Moon Aug 01, 2015
Someone needed to write a sequel, and apparently it wasn't gonna be Christopher Paolini himself. . . so THANK YOU!! :)
Jss464646 Jss464646 Jun 06, 2015
I read the inheritance cycle 5 times and every time I was noooo it can't end here so before I start reading THANK YOU