Break My Heart, I Dare You. (One Direction Fan Fiction)

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Tayla By cuddleswithliam Updated 3 years ago
I suppose it all started when that curly haired boy asked those three words. Truth or dare. Who knew that just three simply words could change your life forever?
Did you know that if you have a dream about someone that means they miss you... or is it the other way around where you miss them, idk.
@LULU197 LOL i am dead serious haha i HAVE kissed Liam in one of my dreams because i fall asleep listening to music and that time i was listening to one of Liams covers so i dreamed about him haha
@Tetyluvs1D  haha the end of yur comment makes u ound dead serious but who hasnt =P
hehehe i kissed Liam my not kidding....
@taylac I have always meant to read your stories and as many people have told me how amazing they are but the Hazza one sounded so sad and I can't imagine a world without Hazza but now I have read a bit of your writing I MUST read it!! xx
I really like it! Great start! Keep writing and update soon!! Deffo continue it! You'd be crazy not too!! xx