Better With You | EDITING

Better With You | EDITING

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Georgia Edwards By Gea105 Completed

" Tori" his voice was low, so very low.


"Would you hate me?"

"For what?"

"For doing this."

And with that, he locked his lips with mine.


Tori Valentine finds herself with more to fear than her abusive stepfather after moving to a new town with him and her younger brother.

With meeting the cliche and arrogant bad boy Elijah Wright, they both struggle to unravel the truth of who's behind all the bad things that's been happening to them since she arrived, along with the help of their seven friends.

Not knowing what's to come, they all venture into this dangerous task, suffering the consequences together.


Join Tori and Elijah on their journey in balancing the line between hate and love. Will the consequences they face be bearable or will it be the first tear on the blank canvas.