Guardian: The Awakening

Guardian: The Awakening

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Joely Frances By NicGiollaBhuidhe2 Completed

Johanna White comes comes from a good family, great mam, caring dad and  her slightly annoying younger sister Charlotte that she's stuck with all day. One of the side effects of living in rural Ireland is having nothing to do during the summer holidays other than put up with the child or face boredom. 
What Johanna and Char did not know was that their mam had a past full of secrets, a past that she thought she'd escaped from. But their life was normal, perfectly mundane. Safe. That all changed when the secrets caught up with them.

Johanna and her sister get sucked into a chaotic scheme, with Char away with the faeries and Johanna involved with a race of magical warriors, known as the Guardians who do not have her interests at heart. In fact, very few people have anything good to say about the Guardians at all. She winds up a pawn in a political battle she doesn't even know is happening all while trying to come to terms with the very new reality that she is not on earth and that magic undoubtedly exists. And it isn't all fun and games like the fairy tales made her believe.

**Characters swear frequently in certain povs, if you dislike swearing it may not be your thing

Book 2 now available

cover by @Sinadana