Guardian: The Awakening

Guardian: The Awakening

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Following the life of 16 year old Johanna White, a girl too mouthy for her own good raised in rural Ireland with her family who, by all accounts, seemed too perfect. And they almost were... except for the secrets her mother kept hidden from her.

That all changed when the secrets caught up with them.

Unprepared to deal with her family changing beyond what she ever expected. Finding out truths she wished she were ignorant of and seeking enemies better left unsought. Surrounded by people she cannot and does not want to trust,  Johanna is thrust into a realm of magic and corruption and she is not what this world wants, nor she it. She just wants to get home and get to the bottom of what her mother hid from her.

**Characters swear frequently in certain povs, if you dislike swearing it may not be your thing

Book 2 now available

cover by @FrOsTaTeR

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