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The Monarch

The Monarch

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SteamyHot By steamyhot Updated 4 days ago

After a barren mating that had lasted just shy of two years, Avery is hell bond on living a life away from power hungry bastards. And if she can help someone along the way, she would gladly make that extra effort. Finally managing to be in charge of her own life, she reaches out helping others overcome the difficulties of losing a mate, no matter the consequences. It doesn't come as a surprise, when she finds herself running a shelter for recently widowed or battered she-wolves. Only one thing remains a hardship: raising so many pups without the strong, tough, manly supervision. The small group of she-wolves and pups increases in numbers and becomes a movement that no longer can be underestimated or constricted in the limits of her childhood home.
  In times of uncertainty and opposition, with Alphas threatening to overrun their little establishment, Avery has no choice but to venture out of her comfort zone in the search of the combat instructor who could teach basic survival skills to the cubs. If what she fears ever becomes a reality, she would be glad that they would stand a chance in the power-struggle, where Enforces are nothing but a brute force to achieve the goals of power-hungry Alphas. Naively planning to secure the perfect combat instructor, Avery does not leave a room to account for nature that comes at her with a full swing. Winter storm and dreaded coldness that soaks the life out of her make her prioritize the help for a rabid-looking stray.
  After dealing with his biological father Pablo Alvarez, Jonathan Graves finally freefalls into the rage and darkness. They call it being berserk. For Jon - it is a nightmare. When he finally wakes up from it, he is taken in by opinionated, frustrating she-wolf, who nurtures him back to life, only to give him the boot. Or so she thinks, as Jon is dead set on picking his own time to depart!
  When Jon meets Avery, the heavens roar as the Monarch and the Rogue discover more than they had initially bargained for.

Gellyzzz Gellyzzz Apr 17
Yayyy I followed you to the monarch,can't wait to get started lol
mubahalme mubahalme Apr 22
Please say that u going to make that bitch that rejected him jealous 😡
kaela247 kaela247 Jun 06
I am begging you author , don't let him get back with juliet ,jon jon deserved the world and he deserves soooo much better than her ,i can't wait to read this story , your work is amazing❤
abierizal abierizal Feb 24
Dear reader if you are reading this book and skipped the first one " the change", you are missing on a lot. That book is excitingly amazing(lol) . I strongly suggest you read it first. More power steamy!
I've read the change a million times ,it's one of my favorite books on wattpad
                              And I've waiting for the this one to get a decent about off update and now I'm ready to escape. Omg😍😁
Arie_lyn Arie_lyn Jun 30, 2016
I started crying cause I'm so exited😭😭. This is about to be so litttttt😂 Avery sounds bomb asf better than that his true mate hoe😭