W A I T I N G   F O R   Y O U ✔️

W A I T I N G F O R Y O U ✔️

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R.Lee By another_xreaderx Completed

Always thought,

love wasn't meant for me,

Yet one glance at you,

And my heart's at your feet.

I changed for you,

Hoping one day,

You'd want me,

The way I wanted you.


A short story on desperation of love written in a poetic form, where a young girl falls for a elder boy who changes her to be something she never wanted to be.

21 poems to show you the journey of 365 days in the life of this young girl, from the moment she lays eyes on the boy to well...read on.

Inspired by true events.

Reader's comments ❤️

"I love the way you're writing this, it is truly amazing! I can't stop reading."

"...the way you write is visceral."

"I don't usually like poetry, but this is touching."

"...I do like this. It's easy to read..."

"This is heartbreaking."

"Love how this is written."

"...it does a good job of capturing that feeling of just instant chemistry with another person."

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