Once In A Blue Qamar

Once In A Blue Qamar

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"Look at the stars, Sulayman!" She said softly, with a smile. "They twinkle even when the moon disappears."

Sulayman Ali had taken many big steps in his life all alone. He decided to study in Abu Dhabi when he got the scholarship. He decided to work all around the globe to gain experience. He even planned for the entire year when he was selected to teach at Noor Islamic Academy. Not for a moment had he thought that his plans would never materialise, for when the matters of Qalb are involved, there is no guarantee. 

Saliha Abdul-Kareem, like every other girl her age, dreamt of her prince charming. She was in love with the mere idea of falling in love. But she was a bit more accustomed to dealing with life as it comes. Taking decisions was a task she never bothered too much about, moulding into whatever life threw in her path with reliance on her Lord. Maybe that's why she would be making that one decision with a lot of nervousness, once in a blue Qamar...

(Qalb - Story of the Heart spin-off sequel. Not necessary to read that book first, though.)

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