Pretty Little Princess

Pretty Little Princess

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Being the middle is hard.

Being the middle in an all girls family is even harder.

Being the middle of anything sucks. Just look at the little oreo. The poor filling gets squeezed or eaten first or twisted till it's smeared everywhere. 

Well in my family, I am the filling in the oreo.

My family consists of five people. My dad the funny goofball of the family, my mom the pretty but also responsible one, my older sister Alexandria the perfect little princess, my little sister Cordelia who can do no wrong, and me, Beatrice, the one always being called out for making a mess, the one always getting in trouble because I couldn't say "it wasn't me" faster then my sister's, the one who was a constant let down to my family. 

Yep, that's me.

Ever since I can remember we have been told how to act like a princess, walk and sit like a princess, and just be a princess. Shouldn't be too hard right? It is for me. You see my family (particularly my mom) always told us that riding a skateboard wasn't lady like, that drinking coffee instead of tea wasn't lady like, that wearing pants or baseball hats wasn't lady like, but my mom didn't understand that I absolutely hate her rules. I hate lady like rules, and I hate the fact that I can't be who I want to be. 

So I hide myself.

I decided to not be a complete disappointment to my family, and so I abide  by there stupid rules. "A lady always says please and thank you." "A lady never raises her voice." "A lady always finds the most graceful and subtle way to rip another woman's head off." 

Yeah that one confused me too. 

But when my family has to send me away for my safety, my life was about to take the biggest turn imaginable. 

And no lady like rules, could prepare me for it.

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