Touch me, Lick me, Damnit F*ck me!

Touch me, Lick me, Damnit F*ck me!

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SexyMuhhhFukkka By baeegirl Updated Jul 30, 2013

New girl + need for sex + Alpha Lord = really fun and rated R story to tell. 

As aaliyah-marie decides that shes had enough of people, she decided to put a stop to it and moves with her younger sis and older bro. she has a mindset to be queen sex there. but what happens when the Alpha Lord Acheron doesn't like that thought? mmmmm gonna be a fun ride(:

If you DONT LIKE RATED R then please, DON'T READ.

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Jaskirann Jaskirann 17 hours ago
I’m not ugly or beautiful but I consider myself to be HOT ASF
volleyball_allstar22 volleyball_allstar22 May 02, 2017
Guys that means one was born on December 31 and the other on January 1
hawadialovely hawadialovely Sep 09, 2017
They have the same birthday but he is older by a year how stupid are you people NO it's not us the writer suck
LovelyNiree LovelyNiree Jun 27, 2017
So was she not fully developed and need another 12 months or ... I still confused
WelcomeToTheGal3xy WelcomeToTheGal3xy May 17, 2017
Dang... I have long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes with flecks of light blue..
zZzxsauce zZzxsauce Apr 04, 2016
*sexism things(people who are angels)
                               to me*
                              -Andy Beirsack /Black
                              -stephen James 
                              -Lucky Blue Smith 
                              -Sean o'pry