Touch me, Lick me, Damnit F*ck me!

Touch me, Lick me, Damnit F*ck me!

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SexyMuhhhFukkka By baeegirl Updated Jul 30, 2013

New girl + need for sex + Alpha Lord = really fun and rated R story to tell. 

As aaliyah-marie decides that shes had enough of people, she decided to put a stop to it and moves with her younger sis and older bro. she has a mindset to be queen sex there. but what happens when the Alpha Lord Acheron doesn't like that thought? mmmmm gonna be a fun ride(:

If you DONT LIKE RATED R then please, DON'T READ.

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Guys that means one was born on December 31 and the other on January 1
They have the same birthday but he is older by a year how stupid are you people NO it's not us the writer suck
LovelyNiree LovelyNiree Jun 27
So was she not fully developed and need another 12 months or ... I still confused
Dang... I have long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes with flecks of light blue..
zZzxsauce zZzxsauce Apr 04, 2016
*sexism things(people who are angels)
                               to me*
                              -Andy Beirsack /Black
                              -stephen James 
                              -Lucky Blue Smith 
                              -Sean o'pry
baeegirl baeegirl Oct 14, 2016
Oops. Guess I mean *is. Sorry. This story is unedited and I had horrible grammer skills back then. I apologize