How To Be Skinny

How To Be Skinny

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In which a girl who hides behind baggy sweaters and a fake smile is forced to learn that 'perfection' doesn't come easily, and being skinny isn't always worth the pain.

"she cried herself to sleep that night, because deep down she knew that no matter how many meals she skipped and how much exercise she did, Olivia would never be skinny."

[disorder diaries, 2014 backseatmuke]

tw :: eating disorders, major character death

  • anorexia
  • bullimia
  • depression
  • sad
  • selfharm
  • skinny
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AttackOnFandomTrash AttackOnFandomTrash Apr 02, 2016
I don't actually have to learn how to be skinny....I'm already skinnier than a stick. And yet I still get called fat. So I don't eat lunch or dinner or even breakfast. Basically I starve myself, which allows me to become even more skinny, which is very unhealthy for me, as I'm very underweight.
55secondsofyoutube 55secondsofyoutube Feb 27, 2016
Apparently to everyone, I'm like one of the skinniest people ever but I swear I'm like a whale and I don't get it
ReyeLyn ReyeLyn Mar 20, 2016
I've thought about skipping meals, and I was sick for 3 days and couldn't eat. But that was so painful. I'm trying to lose weight, eating less drinking lots of water and exercising. But looking in the mirror and looking at my stomach, has to be the worst feeling
- - Nov 13, 2016
Girllls u do not need to be skinny ur already besutiful the way u r, if u want to be skinny u have to be born skinny
Weirdosaur Weirdosaur Aug 21, 2016
I don't understand why people say I'm skinny . do they want me to feel better by lying ? I can handle the truth . I have huge thighs . I skip meals cause I just want to be skinny . I keep telling myself to just be me but I can't . I feel like I'm gonna go anorexic soon . I dunno what I should do .
byunsgf byunsgf Nov 14, 2016
i starved myself for two days and i felt so numb and i felt like fainting so that's really hard