Around the World

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lindsay By 1DWonderland Updated a year ago
(Slow Updates) Blakely Times finally gets to live her dreams by traveling the world, starting with Europe. With photography always being her passion, she can't wait to see all the different sights and views of each unique place while away from her mother back in the U.S. While getting lost on her first day there, she has nothing else to do but stay in a different hotel for the night. When she checks in and gets settled to go to bed from her stressful journey, the people next door are being loud, obnoxious, and clearly having a party. Instead of calling the lobby to complain, she goes over there herself and bangs on the door, waiting for the person reliable for the noise to answer. Will she recognize the famous faces standing before her, or will she just brush it off as a few cute boys having a wild party?
I just came across this story today and I already think it's amazing :)
I love it!! You should finish it soon, can't wait to read the rest ,3
Wow! this is really good! and you're ending was so good! I loved it! REally interesting!