[Book 2]Deception: Love's Lost and Found[ON HOLD]

[Book 2]Deception: Love's Lost and Found[ON HOLD]

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ShanitaG By ShanitaG Completed

The sequel to Deception: Love Distorted READ THAT ONE FIRST. 

After she survived the traumatic night that almost ended her life, Denise Whitman opens a new chapter.  One where she rekindles her relationship with her estranged father.  For the time being,  Denise moved back to her hometown, Savannah, Georgia with her father and his wicked wife, Melissa.  The same woman who slandered Denise when she was younger.   As Denise resides in their home,  she realizes that she wasn't the only secret kept hidden. 

In Savannah , she meets someone from her childhood,  Jarius.  The two get to know one another all over again and slowly form a connection,  one that  Denise keeps pushing away too scarred from Eric to even consider it as anything special.  When she finally gives him a chance, she discovers that her old friend has secrets of his own. 

With the return of old friends and foes, Denise finds herself trapped in yet another dangerous web of secrets, lies, and deception.  Hopefully, she'll survive this one, too.

SophisticatedBliss SophisticatedBliss Mar 11, 2016
Actually really excited for this book bc I can't wait to meet Jarius lmao.
JamaiaMonet JamaiaMonet Jul 07, 2015
I'm so excited to find out what you have in store for us in this book since the last one was absolutely amazing  and I hope Dominic comes back because I was seriously rooting for him #TeamDominic
_trvllgold _trvllgold May 19, 2015
she will ..... if she have that pocket knife I was telling you about , I'm telling you bol
CissyItsMe CissyItsMe Oct 03, 2014
I wonder if Dominic is gonna come back. Well, let's find out :D
Uzique Uzique Jun 24, 2014
I been waiting for it this but didn't see it in my notifications tht it was updated I swear im gone kill wattpad
Believe015 Believe015 Jun 19, 2014
Omgosh. I can already tell this sequel abt to be better than the first book. Bring the drama!!! Yasssss