Picture of the Past: Book 2 of The Seven

Picture of the Past: Book 2 of The Seven

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~The others stare at me in shock, their mouths agape as I breath deeply through my own. I scan the gang that were now crippled on the ground. Did I really do this? Yes, I had, and I didn't feel the slightest bit of remorse. Maybe that was a bad thing, but I guess rage was the only thing I had right now. So I was gonna have to embrace it.~

For years, Isabelle Morez thought that life would stay the same boring routine. Wake up, eat breakfast, fight with her sister, go to work, train all day, eat dinner, sleep, and repeat. But, those foolish thoughts were changed when her mother's friends and her suddenly vanish out of nowhere. Now, Isabelle has to find out what happened and where they are, meanwhile trying to keep the jerk of a man, Xander Smith, from stealing her title as leader of The Protectors. Isabelle pushes hard but when her father locks himself away in his room, she gathers the horses and snaps the reigns- sending the legendary groups into a sea of disaster. None of them would predict what would happen, or whom they would meet. No-one would expect to find a book which holds a secret greater than any other. 

Jump on a horse and try to keep up with this adrenaline-pumping adventure! Tap your heels to gain speed, because the action is about to get heavy and we're gonna rush on through! Hold on real tight because this ride is about to get bumpy.

Picture of the Past, Book 2 of The Seven

Trigger Warning: Will contain severe and detailed violence.

Note: This is the sequel to 'The Seven' series, and will continue with the storyline as the last- however, it's many years later and is in a new character's POV. What I'm saying is it's connected to the last book but is a new plot and story, so it can be read alone but some scenes and facts may make more sense if you read the first book first.

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